PowerSafe Automation Safety Guarding

Integrated safety & automation solutions from concept thru nationwide installation to improve osha machine guarding. 

PowerSafe Automation Mission

To provide a safer working environment for team members through innovative turnkey solutions. 

From a singe machine enclosure to multi-location facility turnkey safety guarding projects, we pride ourselves in helping lower the statistic of Machine Guarding Methods Standard 1910.212 being the 8th most-cited OSHA violation.  

Assess > Design > Fabrication > Assembly > Installation > Integration > Work Safely!

Machine Safety and Automation Introduction

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Safety Guarding, Electrical, & Automation capabilities


Combining standard electronic safety devices to create a custom solution enhancing machine safety capabilities 

Design > Fabrication > Assembly > Installation > Integration > Work Safely!

Machine Guarding Methods Standard 1910.212 is the 8th most-cited OSHA violation for 2017 

Electrical Contracting

Facility Lighting

Facility LED lighting, interior, exterior, office, emergency and exit

  • LED Lighting:
    • Plant
    • Office
    • Exterior
  • T5 Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Exit / Entrance Lighted Signs

Local Contracting Services

Field service call support, troubleshooting & repair, blueprint support for electrical services

  • Field Service Calls
  • Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Blueprint Reading & Creation
  • Installations

Design > Build > Install > Integrate > Support (Field Service)

Electrical Wiring Methods Standard 1910.305 is the 10th most-cited OSHA violation for 2017  

Industrial Automation Systems

Automation Fixturing & Sensing

Machine design, build, upgrade, troubleshoot, installation

Nationwide Service

Automation services, design solutions to improve process, build equipment, install, integrate, train

  • Design Solution to improve process
  • Build Equipment and/or Process
  • Installation
  • Integration
  • Train on new machine 

Design > Build > Installation > Assist in Integration > Train on New Automation

Pedestrian to Powered Truck Safety

In-Plant Detection Systems

  • Forklift Systems:
    • Warning lights, sensors, cameras
  • Aisleway control & Pedestrian Notification
  • Anti-Collision Sensors

Nationwide Service

  • PowerDesign Support
  • Material Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Systems Integration

Powered Industrial Trucks Standard 1910.178 is the 7th most-cited OSHA violation for 2017  

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