Why should you schedule a call?

The purpose of scheduling a call with a Technical Solutions Rep is to discuss your project needs and the proper steps needed to provide a solution to you. Initially projects are as easy as a phone conversation, a conference call, or video conferencing along with photographs of the area and your machinery. We will discuss PowerSafe Automation’s capabilities and experience levels to help ensure confidence in you that we’re the right company to build a relationship with. Then we will learn about the pain points you are experiencing and discuss potential workable solutions with you. The next step would be to proceed with creating a concept followed by a design and quote including material and installation including electrical integration.  Depending on the complexity of the custom machine guarding, a site visit to capture more detailed information may be required. This would include more photos and meeting with team member to discuss the operational and maintenance functionality of the machine. We will then capture conceptual sketches with dimensions after a better understanding of your needs allowing us to put a design together improving safety while minimizing the impact on production and maintenance.