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Safety Light Curtains

Safety Light Curtains

Type 4 Safety Light Curtains for Industrial Applications

Safety Light Curtains are electro sensitive devices using one or more light beams, emitted by an Emitter and received by a Receiver, to create an intangible controlled area.

Items include: Safety Light Curtains (EOS4 - Standard; Admiral - Blanking; Janus - Muting), Safety Light Grids, Watertight, Explosion Proof

Safety type - Defines the self-monitoring and safety principles contained in the device; it must be chosen as a function of the risk level characterizing the machine.

Protected height - This is the height controlled by the light curtain. If it is positioned horizontally, this value shows the depth of the protected zone.

Range - This is the maximum working distance that may exist between the emitter and the receiver. When deflection mirrors are used, it is necessary to take into account the attenuation factor introduced by each of them, which it is about 15%.

Response time - This is the time it takes for the light curtain to transmit the alarm signal from the time the protected zone is interrupted.

Resolution - The resolution of a light curtain is the minimum size of an object that, placed into the controlled area, will obscure the controlled zone and hence stop the hazardous movement of the machine. (Finger Protection: 14mm; Hand Protection: 20mm, 30mm, 40mm; Access Control: 50mm, 90mm)

To download the SAFEGATE Configuration Software, use the following link: scs_setup.zip 

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Mosaic Safety Controllers

Mosaic safety integrated controllers

Modular Safety Integrated Controllers

Modular, configurable safety controller for protecting machines or plants.

Safety controller is capable of monitoring several safety sensors and commands, such as safety light curtains, laser scanners, photocells, mechanical switches, mats, emergency stops, two-hand controls, concentrating management of these in a single, flexible device.

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The MSD software, installed on a PC, can be used to create complex logical conditions using logical operators and safety functions, such as muting, timer, counters, memories, etc. via an easy, intuitive graphic configuration interface. Configuration data are transferred to the M1 unit via a USB link. 

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To download the Mosaic Safety Designer software, use the following link: msd_setup.zip 

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Safety Laser Scanner

Safety monitoring of dangerous areas

World's smallest Safety Laser Scanner dimensions of 3.15" square x 3.75" tall by ReeR Safety, Electronic Safety Devices.

The Safety Laser Scanner is an electro-sensitive device for the protection of operators against the risk of accidents caused by industrial machines and plants with potentially dangerous moving parts and against possible collisions with Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV).

Using the Safety Laser Sensor, precise programmable horizontal protected areas of variable shape can be created (i. e. semi-circular, rectangular or segmented), suitable for all applications with no need of a separate reflective or receiving element.

It is also possible to use the Laser Scanner in a vertical position for the access protection to a dangerous area, in that case detection of the edge of the gate is a mandatory piece of safety equipment.

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Non-Contact RFID Safety Interlock Switches

RFID Safety Interlock Switches

The Contactless safety sensors offered by ReeR Safety are used to monitor the position of the safety devices sliding, hinged or removable.

Main features:

  • Rectangular compact size
  • Robust fiberglass  PBT / PC housing material 
  • IP67 and IP69K protection grade for use in harsh environments 
  • Coded tampering protection in accordance with DIN EN 14119, the highest in its class 
  • Switching distance: from 3 to 10 mm.
  • State-of-the-art RFID technology
  • 3 different coding levels: low, high, unique.

Magnus RFID series can be connected to Mosaic safety configurable controller (PL e) or with the AD SR1 configurable safety control unit (PL e).

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Safety Interlock Switch

Safety interlock switches with guard locking

Safety interlock switch with guard locking

Safety Interlock Switch with guard locking and electromagnetic lock.

Safety and reliability in door-opening control.

Safelock is a safety switch utilised in the protection of personnel when opening doors leading to dangerous areas. It acts by monitoring and interrupting the safety circuit during dangerous scenarios.

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Safety Relays and Interfaces

Safety Relays

Modules for safety light curtains and safety devices

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Safety Interfaces

Modules for safety light curtains, two-hand controls and e-stops

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Safety Speed Monitor

Safety speed monitoring relay for overspeed and zero speed control 

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