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Safety Light Curtains

EOS4 (Standard)

ReeR Safety EOS brand safety light curtains

Compact Type 4 safety light curtains 

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EOS4 (Watertight)

ReeR Safety WTF brand watertight safety light curtains

EOS4 and EOS2 WTF and WTHF versions IP 69K watertight enclosure, w/ or wo/ heating system

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EOS4 (Explosion Proof)

ReeR Safety ATEX brand explosion proof safety light curtains

The cylindrical housing ATEX can fit around the EOS safety light curtain

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Admiral (Blanking)

ReeR Safety Admiral brand blanking safety light curtains

Type 4 Safety Light curtains with integrated blanking functions 

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Janus (Muting)

ReeR Safety Janus brand muting safety light curtains

Type 4 Safety Light curtains with integrated Muting functions 

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Safegate (Access Control)

ReeR Safety Safegate brand access control safety light curtains

Access control barriers with integrated Muting functions 

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Contactless Safety Sensors

Magnus RFID Sensors

ReeR Safety Magnus brand RFID safety sensors

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Magnus Magnetic Sensors

ReeR Safety Magnus brand magentic safety sensors

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Proximity Inductive Sensors

ReeR Safety proximity inductive safety sensors

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Safety Controllers, Relays, & Interfaces

Mosaic Safety Controllers

ReeR Safety Mosaic integrated safety controllers

MOdular SAfety Integrated Controller

Modular and configurable safety controller for protecting machines.

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Safety Relays

ReeR Safety safety relays

Modules for safety light curtains and safety devices

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Safety Interfaces

ReeR Safety safety interfaces

Modules For safety light curtains, two-hand controls and e-stops

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Safety PLCs are a complex and expensive method of dropping out a set of contactors when you open a switch or press an e-stop.  The same can be accomplished with our ReeR Mosaic safety controllers at a fraction of the cost.  It is configurable and scalable to manage multiple safety devices and functions in a central location.

Custom Devices & Accessories

Speed Monitoring

ReeR Safety speed monitoring system with a Mosaic integrated safety controller and a safety encoder

The safety Sin/Cos incremental encoder “SAFECODER”, together with Mosaic, comprise a SIL 3 certified safety function for speed monitoring. 

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Safety Photocells

ReeR Safety safety photocells

Compact to fit the protection system into small spaces, while the possibility to use more photocells provides the maximum flexibility in positioning the protective beams. 

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Safety Switch w/ Guard Locking

ReeR Safety electronic safety switch with guard locking

Safety switch with guard locking and electromagnetic lock.

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Detection Mirrors

ReeR Safety detection mirrors

Create perimeter protection of areas with access points on multiple sides, with a considerable reduction of costs. 

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Floor Columns

ReeR Safety floor columns for safety light curtains

Support columns for safety light curtains and deflection mirrors for fast installation to the floor and assist in precise adjustment of the optical alignment of the system. 

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Cables for safety switches and safety light curtains

Numerous connector and length options for multiple devices.

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Vibration Dampers

ReeR Safety vibration dampers for safety light curtains

Vibration dampers are to be used with EOS and Micron with protetcted height 300 - 1050 mm.

Protective Screens

ReeR Safety protective screens for safety light curtains

Protective screen for EOS with height 1200 mm w/ stainless steel clamps 

Mounting Brackets

ReeR Safety mounting brackets for safety light curtains

Variety of mounting bracket configurations for your customer application