PowerDesign Services for Machine Safety Systems

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Machine guarding enclosure concept to be designed

Safety Guarding Concept

Receive Back a 3d Drawing

3d machine guarding design model representation using mechanical and electronic guarding solutions.
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Quote w/ Material & Install

Project quote for machine guarding systems with material costs and nationwide installation costs.

For On-site Machine Safety Systems Support

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Project Size Capabilities

Single machine enclosure to multi-location facility turnkey safety guarding projects, we provide nationwide installation services including integrating safety devices directly into your machine controls. 

Field Service Fleet

  • Outfitted with trucks, enclosed and flatbed trailers, machinery, tools, and supplies.
  • Experienced crews following safety standards to ensure a safe work environment
    • including LOTO, use of GFCI plugs and auto-retracting knives, as well as all PPE requirements


Advantage of hiring a full service contractor is to minimize the stress of time, lack of skilled labor, and overhead expenses. Reality says you don't have time and waiting is not an option. 

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Pre-Install Fabrication

Fabrication of Materials

Fabricated materials sorted to prepare for pre-building of machine safety systems.

Sort fabricated materials to prepare for building the projects into sub-assemblies or assemblies prior to installation.

Building Project Assemblies

Machine safety systems to be pre-built prior to nationwide installation.

Build machine guarding systems prior to installation to minimize floor space needs, reduce time on-site, and lower project costs.

Package for Shipment

Packaging machine safety systems to be shipped for nationwide installation.

Projects being installed throughout the country where our crew flies to will be properly packaged and shipped to meet up for install.