ISN Compliance for Machine Guarding

ISNetworld (ISN) connecting hiring clients with contractors through validation of compliance.

PowerSafe Automation is a proud ISN (ISNetworld) member (400-243872)

ISN is a global resource for connecting hiring clients (you) with safe and reliable contractors (PowerSafe Automation) for turnkey machine safety solutions.  ISN minimizes the time required in vetting contractors saving your time and money.

Benefits of ISN:

  • Identify contractors who meet both client-specific and regulatory standards.
  • Measure key performance metrics while promoting transparency, clear communication and sustainable operations.
  • Drive sustainable performance improvements while lowering costs and strengthening relationships with their contractors.
  • A zero-incident safety culture requires commitment from both contractors and hiring clients.
  • Reduces the amount of duplicative work by collecting our company’s insurance and written programs in one centralized place.
  • Help Center provides quick access to step-by-step instructions for assistance.
  • Provides our company with the tools and resources we need to develop extensive safety programs that allow our employees to safely perform their work on a Hiring Client’s job site. 
    • We can write additional programs based on your company's requirements

Check out ISNetworld to learn more about machine guarding suppliers. 

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