Improving Machine Safety in the US

USA Made creating P2P (people-to-people) opportunities in America

Creating P2P (people-to-people) opportunities in America

B2B is an old, impersonal way of thinking, whereas P2P is the future by building relationships for safety guarding / osha machine guarding solutions.

Expanding the American workforce by creating job opportunities


Residing in the US, we can take projects from design through integration in a fraction of the time

Attentive service and reliability are critical factors

Speed-to-market approach for shortened lead-times of commodity products


Tools and materials made and/or purchased have been proven to be safer and offer better quality


Keep the dollar from being devalued

Lower cost shipping rates


Manufacturers are required to adhere to strict environmental standards that limit emissions and pollutants

Go Green Initiative for Safety Guarding Solutions

Conscious effort on preserving our environment through reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Making environmentally friendly decisions in America

Helping to improve plant safety guarding / osha machine guarding, electrical, and automation applications. 

  • Reduce:
    • Paper usage:
      • Using tablets and smartphones as notepads
      • Set printers to duplex printing
      • Create online marketing campaigns
      • Use a server and file sharing programs to reduce printing needs
    • Energy usage:
      • Converting fluorescent lighting to LED lighting throughout our facility as well as customer facilities
      • Use of light sensors in low traffic areas
      • Set computers and tablets to sleep in a shortened time frame
      • Use of programmable thermostats for heating and cooling system
      • Video conferencing for sales calls to minimize emissions
  • Recycling: our shop is set up with labeled containers for quick and easy separation
    • Aluminum extrusion
    • Steel and steel banding from incoming shipments
  • Reuse:
    • Cardboard from incoming shipments
    • Wood battens from incoming shipments
    • Turn scrap paper into notepads
    • Craft paper from incoming shipments
  • Other areas of conscious green initiatives:
    • Aligned with suppliers with similar initiatives
    • Use of eco-friendly cleaning supplies